Alopecia is a hereditary condition affecting approximately 1.7% of the population. Mothers have passed it on to daughters, and fathers have passed it on to sons. The exact cause is currently unknown but there are treatments available that can change the lives of alopecia sufferers.

What is Alopecia?

Complete or partial baldness where hair normally grows is known by the medical term “alopecia”. Men, women, and even children are affected by this disease that presents no initial symptoms and appears without warning. Studies suggest that one cause of this affliction can be anxiety or stress, but bacterial infection or taking too much medication are also possibilities. Alopecia is classified as an autoimmune disorder where the body actually attacks the hair follicles.

The types of alopecia are as follows:

  • Traction alopecia occurs when hair is pulled as it is when hairstyles like weaves, ponytails, or braids are worn too tightly.
  • Alopecia telogen effluvium can affect any individual regardless of age or sex and is the second most common form of alopecia. The causes are numerous including, but not limited to, fever from illness, severe infections, childbirth, chemotherapy, and hormonal changes.
  • Alopecia areata may be brought on by autoimmune conditions or stress and can be total or partial. It presents as hair loss in circular patches.
  • Androgenetic alopecia usually crops up by the time women and men reach their 40s. It affects approximately 50% of these individuals and is the most common form of alopecia, though it presents differently in women than it does in men.

Though no official cure has been discovered, there are treatments available. One of those treatments is scalp micro-pigmentation or SMP. In this procedure, your entire scalp is treated – even areas where hair still exists. This is done to assure a uniform look in case existing hair falls out in the future.

Why Use Scalp Micro-Pigmentation to Treat Alopecia?

At Jonathan Gerow SMP, we know just how rewarding it can be to help individuals suffering from alopecia. Using SMP, we can achieve successful camouflaging of alopecia symptoms. This treatment is a beneficial approach in two ways: First, the procedure completely hides existing symptoms of alopecia; and secondly, the positive effect will still exist even if the patches shift position or change in size or shape. In order to achieve ideal results, up to four treatments may be necessary for this procedure. All you have to do is look at the faces of our clients to realize how worthwhile this procedure is!

The Affordable SMP Specialist to Combat Alopecia

We know on a first-hand basis how the struggle of hair loss can affect one’s everyday life. That is why we confidently offer this treatment which uses cutting edge procedures, technologies, and tools that match your real hair follicles with exact follicle impressions designed specifically for you in a tailor-made fashion.

This is not a temporary fix. It is a permanent solution to that receding hairline. Each individual is assessed to determine their particular condition, providing us with a detailed and fair picture of that person’s hair loss problem. The complications brought on by your baldness and/or thinning hair are our number one concern. We take our job as seriously as you take your hair loss.

Thousands of our clients have reaped the benefits of this amazing treatment – even those who have received less than satisfactory results from other treatments such as tattooing and hair replacement. Imagine having your self-confidence restored by a few simple treatments!

Stunning results have been achieved through our highly accurate procedures which not only treat hereditary baldness but many other hair complications. Take that first step toward replacing the trauma and pain of hair loss with pride in the new you. Contact us today and book an appointment!