Bald Head, Don’t Care!

bald head, don't care!

Bald Head, Don’t Care!

There is nothing better than being at one with yourself in your lifetime so if you have found you have bald hair, do not despair. It is estimated that 53 percent of men will eventually experience some kind of hair loss, whether it be a receding hairline or full baldness.

There are on average around 100,000 to 150,000 hair follicles on your scalp with the life cycle of your hair lasting around two to three years. Around 90 percent of that is growing while the other ten percent rests. After two to three months the resting hair shreds and is replaced with new hair. When you experience partial or complete loss of hair it is called alopecia.

Types Of Hair Loss

Androgenic alopecia accounts for around 95 percent of hair loss and actually begins at the age of puberty, slowly shredding hair until it finally becomes noticeable. Dr. O’tar Norwood identified the common shapes and drew up his Norwood Classification System that is perhaps the most famous one used to determine bald hair patterns.

Don’t forget as you grow older everything slows down, including your hair growth and this affects both thickness and as volume. Male pattern baldness is when your hair recedes, and you begin to get a bald crown – think Prince William – and this can start in your early 20s, unfortunately.

That is not to mean that it is all doom and gloom though as many men have gone on to become successful despite lacking a head of hair.

Famous Bald Men Who Embraced Hair Loss

  • Bruce Willis – Embraced his balding head by maintaining a cool shaved look
  • Patrick Stewart – One of the most intelligent looking men on the big screen
  • Vin Diesel – Sporting the rough and tough look that all males aspire for
  • Homer Simpson – The world’s most famous bald cartoon character
  • Andre Agassi – Famously tried to hide his bald head until he no longer cared

Your Hair Loss Options

If you notice you’re thinning or your hairline is receding, there is no need to be extreme and get it all cut off. By visiting a barber, you can ensure he helps you style your head of hair so that you can utilize what is left and make it look thicker. For instance, if you have a bald crown you could grow the hair around it and brush over the shredding area to conceal it.

If you cannot conceal it, then you should seriously think about shaving it off as you don’t want to be trying to keep a few strands down in a gale. Again get this done professionally, so you don’t end up with nicks and cuts on your scalp.

While you are there perhaps chat to the barber about using stubble or a beard to create a new look. If you really are not happy about embracing your baldness a popular procedure is Scalp Micro Pigmentation as it gives a natural look with no upkeep.

You might be Sansom without the hair but it does not mean you have to lose your strength, so why not contact us today to discuss your options?

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