Best Practices for Post-SMP Care

post-SMP care

Best Practices for Post-SMP Care

Scalp micropigmentation is becoming a popular method of dealing with hair loss. As is the case with many other hair loss treatments, the quality of the outcome is influenced by a number of factors, including the quality of the specialist performing the micropigmentation. In addition to that, how you care for your scalp following the micropigmentation heavily influences factors such as how real the results will look and how long it will last. For maximum effect, the right post-SMP care guidelines should be followed after getting the procedure. Here are some pointers to keep in mind:

Day 1 to Day 3

For the first three days following the procedure, it is essential that you relax, and try to limit physical activity which could lead to sweating, as this might negatively influence the quality of the results. The best way to do this is to have the SMP treatment planned in such a manner that you will have enough time to relax after it is done. For instance, you could schedule the scalp micropigmentation to be done at the start of the holidays when you probably won’t have many obligations such as having to go to work.

It is also very important to avoid washing your scalp during these first days. The temptation to do this might be strong, but it will negate any positive effects the scalp micropigmentation might have had.

Day 4 to Day 6

At this point, you can have more liberties with your scalp, such as washing it or shaving your head. If you decide to do the former, you should expose your scalp to only a light shower, and also avoid using shampoo. The temperature of the water used for washing the scalp should also be regulated; it should be lukewarm rather than hot. The key is to avoid exposing the scalp to harsh chemicals or conditions. You can also afford to carry out activities which result in mild scalp sweating. Avoid activities such as intense cardio since this will result in excessive perspiration.

If you want to shave your head, proper post-SMP care dictates that you should use a foil shaver. This has less likelihood of disturbing the pigments already on the scalp. When doing this, you should take note of any scabs on your scalp and avoid going over them with the shaver. Also avoid the temptation of removing the scabs by force.

After the First Week

Once the first seven days after the scalp micropigmentation is over, you can pretty much revert to your regular routine. You can wash your scalp using shampoo, and also have the liberty to take part in activities that are more physical. If you decide to shave your head at this point, you also have more choice in terms of the equipment you can use, including razor blades. However, it is still advisable to avoid disturbing any scabs that might be present on the scalp.

After the First Month

By day 30, all the sessions should be completed, and you have more freedom. However, there are still several post-SMP care guidelines that you should follow, including moisturizing daily and ensuring that you use sunscreen if you are going to expose your scalp while outdoors.

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