Can We Predict Baldness?

predict baldness

Can We Predict Baldness?

A simple DNA test could well predict when baldness begins on men after research by scientists found 287 genetic variances that are responsible for the condition. The UK study found that 7.4m British men are affected by the rogue genes that result in hair loss.

It has long been known hair loss carries down the family line and now research from the University of Edinburgh can loosely predict at what age this might occur. They studied 52,874 men and used a formula to try to predict baldness setting in.

Blame The X Chromosome

Hundreds of new genetic regions were discovered that are involved in the condition while interestingly researchers uncovered many genetic signals which inherently came from the x chromosome, which is carried  by men’s mothers.

Baldness affects 80 percent of men and can have a psychological impact on men who can find it both stressful and embarrassing. It has been estimated that half of males can expect to have some hair loss before their 50th birthday and with this discovery it is hoped a drug can be found to combat the genetic signals.

Male pattern baldness is the most common hair loss, starting when the hairline begins to recede with hair also thinning on the crown and temples. Although this research is exciting, it will still be some time until scientists can accurately predict when you are going to turn bald.

Simple Prediction Kit

You can predict whether you will become bald by looking at your father and your maternal grandfather. If both of them have hardly any hair left, then you can expect to follow suit, due to your mother and that X chromosome.

In Germany, a ‘baldness calculator’ has been a massive hit with men wanting to know when they will lose all their hair. Using information such as age, occupation, marital status, their current hairline and hair history in their family the program calculates when baldness will begin.

Over half a million males used it within days of its release while three million have tried it out globally. Sixty percent of the men trialing the calculator were aged between 15 and 30 showing how worried young males are about hair loss.

Research May Find Answers

German research also points toward genetic makeup with a history of hair loss on the father or mother’s side of the family being a major contributor. It also cites stress and poor diets as another factor.

If further research is carried out on these latest discoveries, it may only take a straightforward DNA test to see if you are going to go bald. This may in turn result in treatment that might not cure balding altogether, but it may go some way to slowing down the balding process.

There are current treatments that are available now if you are worried about losing your hair. One of the most popular solutions is the Scalp Micropigmentation option. This process can make you less self-aware and full of confidence so don’t hesitate to contact us today to find out what your options are.

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