Can Scalp Micropigmentation Be Removed?

Scalp micropigmentation shares some characteristics with regular tattoos, in terms of permanence and the ability to be removed. It is possible to remove scalp micropigmentation. In the past, this was achieved by application of an acidic cream on the area, thus stripping away the upper surfaces of the skin. During scalp micropigmentation, the ink is deposited at a much shallower depth compared to a regular tattoo, which is why this method was first used. However, the usage of acidic cream has fallen out of favor due to the pain involved, and the low degrees of success as well as high risks of side effects.

Laser removal is the ideal method of micropigmentation removal

Today, using laser energy is the mainstay of scalp micropigmentation removal. Usually, the firms that provide scalp micropigmentation services can also provide removal services. If not, one can simply visit a tattoo removal firm, where lasers are also used to get rid of the pigment. The fact that the pigments used in scalp micropigmentation are smaller and placed at a shallower depth in the skin compared to a regular tattoo usually makes them easier to remove compared to regular tattoos.

How laser removal works

Laser scalp micropigmentation removal works by exposing the treated surface to pulses of high energy laser beams. The laser beams are usually of a specific wavelength. Their effect is to break down the pigments into smaller particles. In many cases, scalp micropigmentation is done using natural materials which the body can then remove using its immune system. The laser pulses are usually moderately painful, but most removal firms will provide analgesics before the procedure to minimize this.

It is necessary to provide the pulses of laser energy to break down the pigments to make it easier for immune cells to ingest the smaller pigment particles, and then excrete them from the body. When in their native form, the pigment particles are usually too big to be removed by immune cells, but slowly break away over time. This is why tattoos and even scalp micropigmentation can fade over a long period of time, sometimes requiring retouching in order to keep them looking good.

How long will the process take?

The duration of removal of scalp micropigmentation depends on a number of factors, the most important of which is the area involved. If you had your whole head micropigmented, for instance, you would need several sessions of laser therapy to get rid of the pigments. Since it is your body that actually removes the pigments from the skin, your physiology might also play a role in determining how long it takes to clear the micropigmentation.

Laser therapy does not instantly remove the pigment

Another important issue to keep in mind is that once you have received the laser treatment, the pigment does not clear instantly. As explained above, the role of the laser beams is to simply break down the pigment into smaller particles. The rate at which your body’s immune system then removes the pigments to clear the area usually takes a week or two thereafter, sometimes longer. You might need to go for multiple laser sessions to further break down the micropigments if it turns out that it is clearing far too slowly than expected.