What Challenges Lie Ahead For The Scalp Micropigmentation Industry In 2018?

scalp micropigmentation industry

What Challenges Lie Ahead For The Scalp Micropigmentation Industry In 2018?

It’s going to be a challenging time ahead for the scalp micropigmentation industry, as more and more clinics fight for new clients. With a further influx of new clinic start-ups and only so many customers to go around, businesses will need to find new ways to attract people that are looking at scalp micropigmentation. We have seen with the hair transplant industry a growth in success and exposure for many businesses, and there is no reason our industry cannot replicate this.

Increase The Market

Losing hair can be extremely stressful for many people, putting a dent in their confidence levels, while trying to find a remedy can be extremely imposing. If they read or hear, only bad things about scalp micropigmentation then they are not going to want to undergo it, yet alone discuss it with anyone. So, businesses need to become ambassadors, showcasing their skills set and convincing prospective clients that it will be a good move for them if they undergo treatment. With proper education and research, a person stressed about their hair loss will feel more confident about walking into a shop.

Setting Standards

Standard benchmarks should be set, as to what the technicians should be able to do, while ongoing training should be provided to all in the industry. If we come together as a whole entity, we may well find that moving forward, the industry becomes more recognized, understood and appreciated. Annual conferences should be set up where industry experts discuss new practices or get together to work out any issues. If we all pull together and help each other out, it will make the industry better off for it.

First, we need to clean up our back yard and deal with current issues. There are clinics that use tattoo ink, and are baffled when the clients head turns blue; this needs to be cut out. There are ‘technicians’ that have completed a two-day course and now think they are experts, while some businesses post fake reviews in order to damage the reputation of a competitor. Before we even get ahead, we need to make sure this ceases.

Together We Can Change Our Industry

On a positive note, the industry can pat itself on the back for the number of real technicians who care and are passionate about their craft. While there are many clinics already that will share information, and assist when an issue arises. We are in the very fortunate position to assist people who have genuine issues about hair loss, and to many, this is a fantastic opportunity to regain any confidence they have lost. We over it to ourselves to embrace each other, not fight each other. At Johnathan Gerow SMP we recognize that change is needed, while we continue to offer treatment to our clients.

If you feel you need help with your hair loss then contact us today for a free consultation and a discussion as to why we believe skin micropigmentation could be the perfect answer for your problems.

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