Don’t Make These Hair Care Mistakes!

avoid hair care mistakes

Don’t Make These Hair Care Mistakes!

Your hair is one of the defining areas of your body and is one of the first things people will see when they meet you. People have a variety of hair types and scalps, and while care is easy for some, for others it can be quite challenging. Below are some general hair care mistakes that should be avoided to keep your hair in pristine condition.

Don’t Shampoo Your Hair Daily

Adding shampoo to your hair on a daily basis is not a necessity. To give it a fresher look, try washing it with clear water instead and blow dry afterward. You will obtain better results than using shampoo, especially if you use mineral water as normal water may dry your hair out.

Stick To One Hair Care Product

A lot of people like using multiple hair products simultaneously. Doing so doesn’t guarantee your hair will look better, and in fact, may do the opposite. Those going for a natural look should apply a blow drier to their hair while only using a single hair product that is highly effective. When it comes to hair maintenance less is often more.

Avoid Hair Breakage

Hair breakage is both undesirable and common. It usually results from ignorance and actions which are simple, such as combing hair that is thick with a fine comb, or brushing your hair too hard. To avoid breakage you should stop doing these things, and under no circumstances should you comb hair that is wet, especially if you’re a woman. The best tools for hair styling are combs with a wide tooth, and you can contribute to beautiful hair by following a diet rich in biotin, vitamin C, folic acid and zinc, which will keep your hair from becoming brittle and breaking.

Your Blow Dryer Is Your Best Friend

A lot of people are a bit lazy when it comes to their hair and choose to skip blow drying after washing it to straighten hair while it is still wet; big mistake. Doing this is bad for your hair, and you should always either wait for your hair to dry before attempting to straighten it or use a blow dryer.

Understand How Heat Affects Your Hair

Different hair types can withstand varying levels of heat. For instance, if you have thin hair it is best not to expose it to temperatures which exceed 130 degrees Celsius whereas those who have hair which is coarse or thick shouldn’t expose it to temperatures higher than 200 degrees Celsius.  If you do, you reduce the strength of your hair, possibly by as much as 50 percent. The problem with excessively high temperatures is that it compromises your hair’s vibrancy, so to prevent this you should always do your hair at a temperature which is most optimal while applying only the highest quality products.

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