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Are you familiar with 3D SMP treatment? Do you recommend the same?

Yes, Jonathan is a 3D SMP specialist. The procedure is excellent for people affected by hair loss as it gives a 3 dimensional appearance from a closer distance. Learn More

How much does the Scalp Micropigmentation procedure cost?

The cost of this procedure may vary according to the client’s requirements. However, typically the cost of covering up scars is anywhere between 1200-5000 dollars for clients suffering from Alopecia. For other procedures including horseshoe pattern, top, hairline, blending and sides the prices may vary in accordance with the client’s needs and preferences. Learn More

What is the duration of the entire treatment?

It takes around three to five hours (in the first session) for carrying out the 3D SMP procedure. In the second sitting you’ll have to spend nearly two to three hours. We also offer a year’s guarantee for touch-ups, fading or hairline altering procedures. Learn More

What size of needles do you use and what is the level of pain one may experience during the treatment?

We use a quarter of the 3-round needle for implanting colour pigments with the help of a permanent makeup gun. This allows us to provide our clients with the illusion of natural looking hair. Also, clients rate the level of pain at two out of ten. However, those who’ve undergone hair transplants and developed scars after the completion of the procedure experience some amount of discomfort owing to sensitivity issues. Learn More

What happens when the pigmentation needle machine enters the scalp?

The needle implants directly go inside the epidermis. However, it never reaches the dermis. Given that our skin is carved out of multiple cross fibres consisting of lumen inside the cells, the lumens allow the ink to be deposited within the dermis as well as remain consistent in terms of shape and size. We use a special rotary machine for injecting the ink. Jonathan uses his expertise to lay the coloured and implant the same appropriately. He implants the ink on the top-most skin layer, allowing the excess amount to fade easily. This leaves a small sized follicle impression behind that does not change in size. Learn More

Regarding the Overall Appearance

Will anyone be able to identify that I have undergone the SMP procedure?

We offer unimaginable, authentic and unique look to our client. Hence, until you disclose that you have undergone the procedure, no one will ever be able to make out. You can always check out the before and after images of our clients to understand better. Learn More

Is the treatment effective on individuals with lighter skin tone and light brown or blonde hair?

Yes, we can easily blend colours to match your exact hair style and colour. After the procedure, you’ll notice a bit or redness for around two to ten hours, depending on the type of your skin. However, the desired colour will come out in as many as one-two weeks. Learn More

Does the pigment used during the procedure change or fade with time?

We use special ink for creating the exact look and colour you desire. The ink wouldn’t turn green or blue or even fade under any circumstances. However, you may require another session after ten to fifteen years. Clients can opt for the desired ink colour that will easily match their hair follicle. Learn More

Can the procedure fade with time?

This is entirely dependent on the individual. However, often the procedure is impacted by sun as well as your own dermal collagen microstructure. Apart from this, genes also impact the life-expectancy of the procedure. Sunlight’s radiation breaks the ink, which further dissolves within your skin as a result the procedure may either last for an extended period of ten to fifteen years or only for around three years. Additionally, your skin’s rejuvenation and the amount of time your tissues take for healing are some of the other factors that impact the procedure. Clients must also understand that their body may reject the ink as it views it in the form of a foreign object. This is precisely why we place extra ink using our advanced techniques and applications. As a result, our clients experience little to no fading with time and acquire authentic and natural looking hair easily. Learn More

Where to Start

How easy it is to fix a SMP appointment?

The consulting time usually depends on your own availability and the nearest located clinic. In case there aren’t any clinics located nearby, we can make arrangements for a consultation appointment over the phone. Alternatively, clients can also submit their pictures and acquire an initial quote from us. Learn More

How soon can you schedule a treatment after the consultation procedure?

After your initial consultation, we will book your first appointment for carrying out the treatment conveniently. However, you’ll get an appointment only on the basis of the availability. At jonathangerow.com, we strive to provide our clients with quick and efficient services. During busy schedules, you may have to wait for more than ninety days or so. Also, you may have to wait for a minimum of one week post your first treatment. Given that each of our procedure packages consists of a minimum of two sittings/treatments, customers are advised to fix their second appointment within a year of their initial treatment. Learn More

How many hairs do you place in every session?

Clients generally get as many as 14000 tattooed hair follicles through our advanced placement technique. During the procedure we cover the hairline, top, crown and front using blending technique. Learn More

Aftercare Queries

What if I need further touch-ups and extra work? What would be the cost of the same?

In most of the cases, our clients are happy with us only after two sittings. However, if you require additional touch-ups, you can visit us after a couple of months and we’ll perform the necessary procedures. Learn More

How long does it take for the SMP to fade, discolor or appear less natural? What would it cost me if I had to get it rectified?

Usually our clients complete ten years without the need for any touch-ups. However, with post-care applications and avoiding over exposure of the scalp from different elements individuals can enjoy long-lasting results. Learn More

How long will it take for my head to heal fully post the treatment?

We have created a specific post care protocol for our clients, which they must follow immediately after the treatment and even later. However, as far as healing is concerned, it would depend on your own healing capacity. Your hair will appear red post the treatment, which will eventually go away after a day’s time. Learn More

Do you guarantee 100% satisfaction?

We are committed to offering our clients with 100% satisfaction. We offer two sessions with each of our packages to ensure you achieve desired results. Feel free to contact us for any further concerns or queries. Learn More

I want a clean shaved head after it is cleaned using a razor. Do I need to go for a full head SMP to achieve this particular look?

We blend the hair follicles into your natural hair to give you a realistic look. However, during the consultation period, we shall review your images and advice you accordingly. Learn More

Am I supposed to shave my head ahead of the treatment?

Once Jonathan has reviewed the pictures of your scalp, he and his team members will inform you whether you need to shave your hair or not. It is advisable that you wait for at least 4-5 days before shaving your head. Also, use an electric foil shaver for best results. Learn More

How long should I wait after undergoing the procedure before shaving my head using a razor?

You need to wait for a minimum of 1 week as your scalp is still needs to heal on its own post the treatment. Learn More

My scalp feels dry. What should I do?

In case your scalp feels dry, we will suggest a moisturizing routine that must be started in a week’s time after the successful completion of the procedure. Learn More

When can I expose the head in the sunlight?

We would advise you to wait for a minimum of thirty days, post the completion of the procedure. Also, we suggest our clients to utilize a sunscreen (SPF 30) or even a hat or cap anytime you choose to step out into the sun. Learn More

Do  you have any suggestion for anti-shine products?

We would recommend Max anti-shine gel, Head blade Head lube, Milk of Magnesia and even Matte Lotion for combating shine. Learn More

When is the best time to wash my hair & head after the treatment?

You can wash your head immediately after the procedure. However, use baby shampoo for washing the scalp. Also, you must continue using the baby shampoo at least two times in a day for a period of one week. At jonathangerow.com, we shall provide you with relevant instructions and a bottle of shampoo to make things easier for you. Learn More

Does sweating interfere with scalp healing?

Sweating is beyond your control, which is why we would recommend that you wait for a minimum of 4 days before engaging in any physical activity or action that causes mild sweating for desired results. After ten days, sweating shouldn’t interfere with the healing of your scalp. Learn More

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