When Is the Best Time to Wash My Hair & Head After the Treatment?

After getting scalp micropigmentation treatment, the first few days following the treatment are usually critical to the quality of the outcome. If the scalp is not taken care of well during this period, some of the problems that can arise include having long healing times, reduced quality and the need for further touch ups as well. Fortunately, the scalp heals from scalp micropigmentation treatment in a matter of days, so taking care of it becomes easier in a short while.

One of the issues that may arise is when to start washing your hair and/or head after getting the treatment. There are guidelines that dictate when and how this should be done, so as to reduce the risk of damaging your scalp or interfering with the scalp micropigmentation outcome.

When to Start Washing Your Scalp

Generally, one should avoid exposing the scalp to moisture in the first four days following scalp micropigmentation. By moisture, this includes water and sweat. When showering during this period, you should take precautions to ensure that neither water nor shampoo comes into contact with the scalp. This can be easily achieved by having a well-fitting shower cap on when taking a bath or shower.

Just as a side note, you should also avoid activities that might make you sweat during these first four days. This ensures that your scalp does not come into contact with moisture, and also reduces the need to have to wash the scalp as well. Many times, people have the urge to wash their heads after sweating since it can sometimes cause itchiness.

This is the general rule regarding washing, and is applicable to the vast majority of people who get scalp micropigmentation treatment. However, it should be noted that a few individuals may require a different approach, usually determined by the nature of the scalp micropigmentation they got. If you get the service from a high-quality service provider, then you can rest assured that you will be getting the best customized advice regarding washing your hair and head.

Important Points to Note When You Finally Start Washing Your Head

Once you have safely started washing your head on a regular basis, it’s still important to ensure that measures are put in place to keep your scalp in good condition. You should particularly pay attention to the types of products you use for washing your head and hair. It’s important to avoid very harsh chemicals which can do all sorts of damage to the scalp. These include directly damaging the scalp due to the chemicals in the products, as well as stripping the skin of important oils which help the scalp stay supple and moisturized. Using the wrong products for washing can result in myriad problems including shininess, itchiness and a dry scalp.

The issue of washing your scalp after receiving scalp micropigmentation treatment might seem like a minor one, but you should make sure that it’s done properly to reduce the risk of negating the effects of the treatment. Consulting an experienced professional will guarantee that you get the best advice regarding this.