What Is The Duration Of The Entire Treatment?

Scalp micropigmentation is an attractive method of getting rid of a bald head through the use of tattoo methods. This usually results in a scalp that looks cropped. When done professionally, it is very hard to distinguish it from real hair. A common question asked by many is how long the treatment will last.

In most clinics, there are preliminaries such as signing of paperwork and an explanation of the process so that the client has all the information regarding scalp micropigmentation. This takes an average of 30 minutes in most clinics. The actual process of micropigmentation varies depending on many factors. Simply touching up a receding hairline can take 30 minutes or even less, while doing scalp micropigmentation on a scalp that has complete hair loss might take upwards of 5 hours. The factors that determine the exact amount of time taken for the treatment include:

The Expertise of The Professional

Clinics with high quality and experienced professionals tend to complete scalp micropigmentation faster than others owing to the professionals’ experience and skill. This is the case even if one runs into unexpected difficulties, since they will be in a better position to handle them. For this reason, clients interested in having the scalp micropigmentation done faster should seek out clinics with excellent track records and employees with experience. It is easy to fall into the trap of picking clinics which promise fast micropigmentation but at low quality, and this should be avoided.

The Degree of Hair Loss

The degree of hair loss will influence the total area where scalp micropigmentation has to be done. This will in turn influence the amount of time (and money) to be spent on micropigmentation. As has been described above, scalp micropigmentation involving only the hairline will take a very short time when compared to the same process being done on the entire head. Clients should therefore have the right expectations when heading to the clinics to have the procedure done. For more accurate information, one can ask the practitioner for more information regarding the expected micropigmentation timelines. Of course, the information given will not be 100% accurate, but will be close to it particularly if dealing with professional practitioners.

The Presence of Other Lesions on The Scalp

Lesions such as scars on the scalp need special attention and technique in order for the scalp micropigmentation to look realistic. The size, location and severity of such lesions will influence the total amount of time taken to achieve the desired look. This is because the practitioner will need to spend more time on such areas in order to ensure that the final look is even compared to the rest of the scalp.

The Type of Micropigmentation Chosen

There are several types of scalp micropigmentation that are offered by some clinics, and these may require different amounts of time in order to be effected. For instance, 3D scalp micropigmentation requires regular micropigmentation followed by a second session of application of a darker layer later on. This extends the total time needed for the procedure, even if the two are done days apart.