Are You Familiar With 3D SMP Treatment? Do You Recommend the Same?

Baldness is a condition that affects a large number of people, and can affect one at any age despite the general thinking that one only loses hair as they grow older. Various factors including genetic and environmental factors could result in accelerated hair loss leading to baldness. Individuals who would wish to have this condition reversed or mitigated have many options to do so at their disposal, including the use of 3D SMP Treatment.

What Is 3D SMP Treatment?

3D SMP treatment is a variant of scalp micropigmentation that was first developed in 2002. It essentially involves the use of tattooing methods on the bald scalp to make one’s scalp look like it has short hair. Initially, the micropigmentation was done by the application of a single layer of pigment via tattooing. The shortfall of basic micropigmentation is the fact that the pigments may not resemble short hair, particularly when the process has been done poorly and is seen from close range.

How 3D Micropigmentation Works

3D SMP micropigmentation can be thought of as an advanced form of micropigmentation. The 3D effect of this treatment is achieved by first treating the scalp to regular micropigmentation, and a final layer applied later to give it a more realistic look.

The final micropigmentation layer is often darker than the initial layer, and is sparsely distributed across the scalp, a technique known as “scatter-through”. The result of using this method is to increase the textured look of the micropigmentation, making the scalp look like it really has short hair on it.

Is It a Recommended Technique?

3D SMP treatment is recommended to anyone interested in reducing baldness or bald spots. When done correctly, the procedure results in an effect that is long lasting and which looks real even on close inspection. In fact, expertly done 3D SMP treatment can even result in some of the follicles popping out, further increasing the textured effect of the micropigmentation. No other micropigmentation methods result in the outcome that one would get with 3D SMP treatment.

The Level of Skill Required

Implementing 3D SMP treatment is a process that requires a lot of skill, and only a handful of individuals are able to pull it off with the expected results. Poorly done 3D SMP treatment can manifest as an appearance that is too dark, micropigmentation with too much density and a ‘dotty’ look which makes it look fake. Our team has individuals highly skilled in 3D SMP treatment, and who can be trusted to produce results that often surpass expectations.

In summary, if you are bald and are interested in changing this, using 3D SMP treatment is recommended to give you the most realistic illusion of real hair. As the process is permanent, one can enjoy the look for a long time without having to spend money on it after application. Despite the fact that the procedure requires highly skilled technicians for the best results, many are often surprised that it does not cost as much as they would expect it to.