Do You Guarantee 100% Satisfaction?

If you are interested in getting scalp micropigmentation, then the last thing you want is to go through the process and then find out that it’s botched once it’s done. By the time you agree to have the treatment done, you should be fairly certain that you will get the results that you want. Fortunately, we go to great lengths to ensure that no matter what your expectations are, you will get 100% satisfaction from the scalp micropigmentation procedure. Some of the measures we have put in place to fulfil this guarantee include the following:

The Use of High Quality Skill and Equipment

A major component of getting high quality when doing scalp micropigmentation is the quality of equipment and skill used in the process. We have invested in the best of both in a move to ensure that any scalp micropigmentation done at our facility will satisfy our customers. Skill and experience is important since it ensures that the individuals doing the scalp micropigmentation will use the right techniques for each job.

As a result of having this policy, we are one of a handful of companies which have highly experienced and well-trained scalp micropigmentation experts.

An Intensive Consultation

When most scalp micropigmentation firms receive a client, they simply start the procedure having received very basic information from them. This is a recipe for disaster, as misunderstandings between the client and the person doing the scalp micropigmentation can easily arise. We have developed a culture of paying attention to the consultation phase of each treatment to avoid this.

During the consultation, the expert will provide you with information regarding how scalp micropigmentation is done, and the types of hair loss problems it can be used to solve. They will also provide details regarding the longevity and typical look of the scalp micropigmentation. In addition to that, we will also strive to get detailed information about what you expect from the procedure. The individual to do the scalp micropigmentation will make sure that they thoroughly understand this, and then develop a plan on how to achieve it. As a result, the scalp micropigmentation will only take place once you and the service provider are on the same page regarding the expected outcomes. This is why all our past clients have had excellent experiences with scalp micropigmentation at our facility, and is also the reason why we offer the 100% satisfaction guarantee.

We Keep Our Eye on The Outcome

Since our scalp micropigmentation experts are keen on making sure that the outcome of each job is to the client’s liking, any deviation from this will be sorted out easily. For instance, if you get the scalp micropigmentation and find that it’s less than what you expected (which is a rare occurrence), then a touch-up to correct the error will then be provided. Getting this service is hassle-free.

These are just some of the measures put in place to ensure that all our clients are fully satisfied with the scalp micropigmentation they get.