How Long Should I Wait After Undergoing the Procedure Before Shaving My Head Using A Razor?

There are many people who are very interested in having a clean-shaven appearance. When done right, this can make one look neat. Advances in treatments such as scalp micropigmentation have also made it easier for one to achieve this look. With scalp micropigmentation, the exact hair line contours and hair follicle density can be achieved, resulting in the perfect look.

Maintaining the Clean-Shaven Look

Once the scalp micropigmentation has been done, you may need to shave your hair in order to maintain the clean-shaven look. If you were initially completely bald and had full scalp micropigmentation, then this would not be a problem since you would not have any hair growth. This is the easiest way to maintain this look for people who are completely bald. After the treatment is done, they only need to have it touched up after several years to maintain the look.

If parts of your scalp have active hair growth, you will need to keep shaving it in order to ensure that this look is maintained. The typical way to do this is using a razor, so that only the hair follicles are seen. The tattooed and real hair follicles then combine in such a manner as to give you the perfect clean-shaven look. However, you should be careful when shaving your hair using a razor, particularly in the immediate post-treatment period.

Shaving After the Scalp Micropigmentation

After scalp micropigmentation has been done, you should give it some time to heal. Shaving with a razor during the healing period can negatively impact the healing process, and so should be avoided. At the very least, you should wait for a minimum of one week before shaving using a razor. In many cases, it is advisable to avoid razors at all for the first few shaves, and instead use an electric foil shaver. This way, your scalp is protected from the potential damage that might be done by a razor blade, thus making your scalp heal slowly and also increasing the risk of reducing the quality of the scalp micropigmentation outcome.

If you have the treatment done by a qualified professional, they will give you all the advice you need regarding how long you should wait before shaving with a razor, since this can vary from case to case. The one week threshold can be thought of as the minimum amount of time you can wait, so as to give your scalp enough time to heal.

All in all, maintaining a clean-shaven look is very easy if you use scalp micropigmentation. The treatment ensures that the hair follicle density and contours of your hairline are just right, so that you can look your best. As always, you are highly advised to use the scalp micropigmentation services of a highly qualified firm, since they will give valuable post-treatment care information to reduce the risk of the treatment having less than optimal outcomes. Once your scalp is healed and you settle into the rhythm of shaving using a razor, you will be glad that you undertook the treatment.