How Long Will It Take for My Head to Heal Fully After the Treatment?

When you get scalp micropigmentation done, it is usually necessary to let the treated area heal. During this healing period, one may have symptoms such as redness over the area and a little pain that is usually easily controlled using analgesics. During your consultation before scalp micropigmentation, you will be given all the information you need regarding the healing process.

Healing Timelines

Typically, scalp micropigmentation is done over two sessions, around 6 days apart. Once the procedure is complete, the scalp will take a few days to heal. The nature of scalp micropigmentation means that during this period, you will not be too heavily debilitated. In fact, you can go to work the next day, particularly if your career does not involve a lot of sweating which might negatively influence the healing process.

Typically, the scalp heals within a week or so after the scalp micropigmentation treatment. However, the time taken to properly heal varies from one person to another, and is influenced by various variables. These include the general health of the individual and the steps they take to care for the scalp immediately after the scalp micropigmentation.

When the scalp micropigmentation is done by an expert, you will be given detailed information regarding how to take care of your scalp both immediately following the procedure, as well as in the long term. The aim of these instructions is to ensure that healing occurs faster, and that the outcome of the scalp micropigmentation is optimal. Not following some of these tips could lead to a delay in healing time.

Simple Things That Can Delay Healing

Immediately following the scalp micropigmentation, there are some things that can delay the healing process, and should therefore be avoided. These include exposing your scalp to the elements. It is important for you to protect your scalp from damage by the elements such as too much sunshine or very cold weather. These can significantly delay the time it takes to properly heal, and in a few cases can affect the outcome of the scalp micropigmentation.

Sweating should also be avoided as much as possible. If you have a career where you sweat a lot, you should consider getting the scalp micropigmentation done at a time when you can afford a few days to rest, so that you can avoid the sweating. A good example of this is during the holidays, where some people may get a few days off. If you have an upcoming annual leave, you can use the opportunity to do the scalp micropigmentation, since you will not have the obligation to go to work during this time.

In summary, many things affect the amount of time it will take for one’s head to fully heal following scalp micropigmentation. By making sure that you have the procedure done by a qualified expert, and that you follow their post-micropigmentation care advice carefully, you can reduce the amount of time it takes to heal to the bare minimum. Your scalp micropigmentation service provider will also give you more detailed information regarding the healing process if you are interested in it.