How Many Hairs Do You Place in Every Session?

Scalp micropigmentation is fast becoming one of the most effective ways of dealing with hair problems such as hair loss and a receding hairline. Some of the benefits of scalp micropigmentation include their longevity and effectiveness. Of course, this is dependent on the quality of the scalp micropigmentation service provider. It is common to find that people intent on getting scalp micropigmentation have questions regarding the number of hairs placed during a typical session.

The Number of Hairs Placed Per Session

In a typical setting where you get the scalp micropigmentation done by a high-quality expert, you can expect them to place around 14,000 tattooed hairs per session. A typical session could last between 2 to 4 hours depending on several factors including the area of skin that needs to be covered. In most cases, the scalp micropigmentation might require several sessions in order to ensure that the final outcome will be worth it. This is information that you will be given during the consultation period when you first come into contact with the scalp micropigmentation expert.

The number of hairs placed per session is not a static figure; there are several things that might affect it. The use of low quality equipment or lack of adequate skill can result in placement of far fewer tattooed hair follicles, even if the session is longer than usual. Lack of skill can also result in placement of too many tattooed hair follicles, resulting in an unnatural appearance in some people.

How Sessions May Be Timed

The number of sessions needed is usually dictated by the amount of work that needs to be done. If you suffer from complete hair loss and need scalp micropigmentation done on your entire scalp, you will require more sessions to get the job done compared to someone who only needs scalp micropigmentation to reverse a receding hairline. As has been stated, each session will last between 2 and 4 hours depending on many factors including the service provider’s schedule.

In typical cases, the sessions are timed 6 days apart from each other. Even when doing very simple scalp micropigmentation, a minimum of 2 sessions is usually advocated for with this timeline. The initial process is used to place the hair follicle tattoos for optimal results. The second session is normally dedicated to touching up areas such as the hairline and areas that apparently have a lower concentration of hair follicles than is necessary. It ensures that the outcome will be the best possible, and usually takes a shorter time compared to the first session.

Achieving A Natural Look

The main point of getting scalp micropigmentation is to reverse hair loss or receding hairline problems in such a manner that the outcome is as natural as possible. The number and density of hair follicle tattoos placed will heavily influence this, and is therefore something that has to be treated with care. This is why scalp micropigmentation experts with significant experience in the field are usually the best option for people seeking the most natural look possible.