What If I Need Further Touch-Ups and Extra Work? What Would Be the Cost?

Having scalp micropigmentation done by experts ensures that not only will the outcome be natural and desirable, but that the results will be long lasting as well. The typical scalp micropigmentation job involves having two sessions of scalp micropigmentation. After this, one may not require a touch up for several years.

Further Touch-Ups and Extra Work

There are many incidences where one may need extra touch-ups or other scalp micropigmentation work done soon after the initial sessions. A common reason for this is when you are not satisfied with the outcome of the scalp micropigmentation, in which case you may need it to be modified so as to achieve the desired results. This can be due to multiple factors including miscommunication with the scalp micropigmentation expert and poor workmanship. When high-quality experts are used and your needs are communicated clearly to them, the need for a further touch-up on this basis may not be required.

Further touch-ups and extra work may also be needed when you need scalp micropigmentation services that you did not initially ask for. For instance, if you are impressed with the micropigmentation workmanship, you could decide to have other work done in later sessions. Many factors affect how much this may cost you.

How Much Do Further Touch-Ups Cost?

Most scalp micropigmentation experts will be glad to do any touch-ups or further work that may be necessary. How much this will cost you is influenced by many factors. One is the nature of the touch-up. If the outcome you expected is genuinely not achieved, most professional scalp micropigmentation firms will do the touch up at no extra cost. Some will even do the touch-up for free if the reason for the touch up is not down to the service provider’s fault.

In some instances, the scalp micropigmentation service will include a sort of ‘guarantee’ from the time when the service was given. This means that if you are not satisfied with the outcome of the scalp micropigmentation within this period, you can have the touch-up done for free or at subsidized rates. You should keep in mind that not all scalp micropigmentation firms offer this service.

The Cost of Extra Work

The cost of having extra work done is also influenced by a variety of variables including the type of scalp micropigmentation clinic you use. Some clinics will give you a generous discount for extra work if you had gotten scalp micropigmentation services from them before. Otherwise, the cost of extra work will be influenced by the complexity of the service, as well as the estimated amount of time it will take to complete the work.

For accurate quotes on the cost of extra work, one would need a prior consultation during which your needs will be analyzed, so that the service provider can then determine how much it will cost. Personal preferences such as the need to have the extra work done on an urgent basis may attract extra charges in some scalp micropigmentation clinics.