Do You Have Any Suggestion For Anti-Shine Products?

One of the commonest reasons for getting scalp micropigmentation treatment is to maintain a clean-shaven look. This usually requires one to regularly shave their hair if they have any active hair growth, so that the tattooed hair follicles and the natural ones blend to result in the desired look. In a few cases, however, a few complications can arise as a result of having the scalp hairless. One of these is having a shiny scalp. Having too much shine can negatively affect one’s look, and is something that people try to combat as much as possible. It’s important to understand the causes of shine, as well as the established safe anti-shine products they can use to prevent this.

Why Scalp Shininess Occurs

Several factors result in scalp shininess. One of the commonest is the lack of hair on the scalp, or shaving too close to the surface of the skin. Unfortunately, getting scalp micropigmentation treatment usually means that an individual has hair loss that can’t be reversed. In other cases, they would need to shave close to the skin in order for the micropigmentation to have the desired effect. If you usually shave, you can consult your scalp micropigmentation service provider for information on how to do it in such a manner as to reduce shine.

The other common cause of shine is the overproduction of sebum. This is oil that is usually stored under the skin, and which is released onto the surface of the skin to keep it supple and to avoid moisture from escaping. Usually, this is a perfectly balanced process, resulting in production of just enough oil. However, there are some people who produce too much of the oil, and this can result in the shininess. This can also manifest as having a shiny face as well. Lastly, sweating too much can also result in one’s scalp being shiny.

Some of The Modalities of Preventing Scalp Shininess

There are some products that have been noted to reduce scalp shininess, without affecting the overall health of the scalp or interfering with the micropigments in the scalp. These include milk of magnesia, Max Anti-Shine Gel and Headblade Head-Lube Matte lotion. These are products that are manufactured specifically for use on the scalp to prevent shine. The mechanisms of doing this varies depending on the composition of the products.

However, the main methods include reducing oil production from the scalp’s oil glands, as well as soaking up the excess oil produced. Some products also reduce the caliber of the pores which let out oil onto the surface of the skin. As a result, not much of it is deposited on the skin, thus resulting in long-term oil control.

It is important to consult your scalp micropigmentation service provider for information regarding how to combat scalp shininess if you get the problem. In cases where you have tried out all the common products and still suffer from the problem, they can offer you other solutions depending on the nature of your problem. Of course, this will only be possible if you consult someone who has a lot of experience and skill.