I Want a Clean Shaved Head. Do I Need to Go for A Full Head SMP To Achieve This Particular Look?

The use of scalp micropigmentation is one of the fastest growing methods of not only dealing with hair loss problems, but also getting hairstyles that are fashionable. It is common for some people to want to get a clean-shaven look, with the hair follicles just barely showing. Using scalp micropigmentation, the hair follicles are tattooed, which means that not only are they permanent, but also make it easy to modify the hairstyle to suit the individual’s needs.

Combining A Clean Shaved Head With SMP

If you want a clean shaved head and are also interested in scalp micropigmentation, an issue you may be wondering about is whether you need to have your entire scalp treated. For instance, if you have a balding patch with the rest of the hair in place, it may seem easier to get the scalp micropigmentation in the bald area, and then simply keep the rest of the hair short at all times. In truth, you will not always need to have your whole scalp subjected to scalp micropigmentation in order to achieve this look. However, you have to ensure that you get the correct advice regarding the issue.

The Importance of Correct Advice

If you are after the clean shaved look, getting the correct advice is very important. This is especially so if you are in the category of clients who have bald patches, and who may be interested in having scalp micropigmentation done in only the area where there is no hair growth. When properly done, it’s easy to then keep the rest of the hair short and make your scalp look appealing.

This is why a consultation and assessment is important before doing scalp micropigmentation. During the consultation, you will need to provide information about what your expectations are. The scalp micropigmentation expert will then do an assessment of your scalp in its current state, and then figure out how to ensure the best way to achieve this goal.

For instance, if the rest of your scalp has hair follicles of the right color and density, they can simply do the scalp micropigmentation in the bald area, and you will then achieve this look. However, there are some cases when this is easier said than done. An example of this is when your hair is sparse, which means that you may need scalp micropigmentation even in the areas where there is some hair growth.

After the assessment, you will be given all the available options to ensure that you get the look that you want, as well as the service provider’s recommendation. As you can imagine, this is a process that is very technical, which is why you should always insist on having it done by people who are not only experienced at the job, but also have very high skill levels. To maintain the clean shaven appearance, this will not only ensure that you get the best results, but that you also don’t get full head scalp micropigmentation if it’s not necessary.