Hair Transplant Scars

As if the physical and emotional effects of losing one’s hair isn’t enough, some individuals who have sought out a solution to their thinning hair or baldness are now suffering the undesirable side effects of hair transplant scarring. Scarring can result from an improperly performed technique or just plain poor healing on the part of the individual (through no fault of their own, of course). Sometimes, the plug itself is responsible for little white scars on the scalp. Regardless, this is not a condition that anyone is very happy about, but what can they do to remedy the situation?

What are Hair Transplant Scars?

Popularized back in the 1980s and even earlier, in the 1970s, a procedure called hair restoration was being done. What this actually boiled down to was a scalp reduction. Surgeons singled out the bald area and simply cut it out. And whereas this may have left the patient with a re-situated hairline, it also left them with a tight scalp, a donor supply that is now diminished, and sometimes severe scarring on the crown or top of the head. Fortunately, this particular procedure is now outdated. And while there are new methods of hair transplant procedures, the technique is not necessarily a one-size-fits-all remedy for thinning hair or baldness.

Why Use Scalp Micro-Pigmentation to Treat Hair Transplant Scars?

At Jonathan Gerow SMP, we see failed hair transplant surgeries and the lasting effects which have disheartened any number of our clients. The devastation of their hair loss is only compounded by these unfortunate results of inefficient plug holes and scars. But through our scalp micro-pigmentation, we can offer guaranteed results that will cover all affected areas and scarring. We have techniques and methods which are proven to help beautifully camouflage scarred and/or balding scalps. Though you may need to initially go through up to four sessions, once those are over, you’ll be done. This is a permanent fix and not something you have to keep coming back for.

The Affordable SMP Specialist to Combat Hair Transplant Scars

We know that time is money and money, well few of us have an overabundance of that these days. That’s why we are going to do everything we can to make this minimally invasive procedure take as little time out of your busy schedule as possible. Additionally, we’re going to offer this life-changing treatment at some of the most affordable rates around.

Jonathan Gerow SMP guarantees not only those affordable rates but the attention and expertise of our talented, knowledgeable professionals who care about you and your situation. This is not a cookie-cutter operation. We interview and analyze each person and treat them as such – the unique individuals that they are.

We understand that the new and improved methods of hair transplants may be acceptable and appropriate for certain individuals. That is why, after individual evaluation and careful examination, our professionals may decide that you are a candidate for a combination hair transplant/scalp micro-pigmentation procedure if that is truly what you are looking for. Again, however, you may decide to simply go with SMP alone as a safe, greatly affordable, and permanent solution to your thinning hair, hair loss, and possible scarring from prior hair transplants. Give us a call today to find out how we can help you.