Long Hair

Any number of both men and women revel in their long, luxuriously flowing hair. So that when that hair starts to thin or their hairline recedes, the devastation is real and significant. Some people will cut their hair as short as possible in an effort to lessen the effects of balding or thinning long hair. But that may not be the only solution they should consider. What if there were a better way of going about camouflaging the fact that your long, lustrous hair is thinning or receding? At Jonathan Gerow SMP, we know that this can be a disheartening development and we are here to offer help.

Scalp Micropigmentation for Men with Long Hair

Though some men still favor their crew cuts, lots of guys today are going with the man-bun, a ponytail, or just letting their locks flow. They’re proud of their hair. They like it that way. So that when it starts to recede or thin, it can be mind blowing. Fortunately, scalp micro-pigmentation can help camouflage the fact that not all of the hair on their head is still long and luxurious. Or at least there’s not as much of it is there used to be.

Options for men receiving scalp micro-pigmentation are as follows:

  • The Edge Up – this is for hair loss sufferers experiencing balding or thinning hair. The initiation procedure is conservative but the temple areas and hairline are created in follow-up visits. And don’t worry, your overall look including volume and hair color will be matched perfectly.
  • Add Volume to Thinning Hair – this doesn’t solely apply to men because children and women have benefited from it equally. Areas that are affected by hair loss or baldness are filled in during scalp micro-pigmentation. You will once again have a full look to your lustrous head of hair through the replacement of lost volume and added density.
  • Widow’s Peak or Soft Airline – if you simply want your hair to have a fuller appearance and look, lowering your existing hairline with SMP could be just what you need.

Scalp Micropigmentation for Women with Long Hair

At Jonathan Gerow SMP, we fully realize that hair loss or hair thinning in women is not uncommon. That is why we offer the utmost in cutting edge procedures, technologies, and tools which will match your real hair follicles. Using exact follicle impressions designed precisely for you in a tailor-made fashion we can effectively camouflage the fact that your hair is thinning or receding in areas. Perfect for women with long hair, this procedure can once again uplift your self-confidence with amazing results.

Initially, the areas of balding or thinning will be inked in to camouflage the hair loss. We can eventually assure a three-dimensional look by not only matching your desired or natural hair color but by providing shading as necessary. Each procedure is specially designed for the individual.

The Affordable SMP Specialist to Combat Long Hair Issues

We know that an excess of money is not a luxury that everyone is subject to. That is why we offer affordable services and take up as little of your time as is necessary. You have better things to do with your days than to spend them going back for procedure after procedure every six months, 12 months, etc. You may have to come in for as many as four initial treatments but once they are completed, you’re done. This is a permanent solution, not a temporary fix.

Jonathan Gerow SMP would love the opportunity to assist you and promises to treat you as an unique individual – not just any customer with a hair loss problem. No cookie-cutter treatment will be offered here. Each plan is individualized for the recipient and treatments can treat thinning hair, balding, or scarring left behind by hair transplants or surgeries. Why not give us a call today and book an appointment for your consultation?