How To Maintain Your Bald Look

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How To Maintain Your Bald Look

Instead of worrying about your hair loss and becoming depressed, you can embrace your bald looks; if Bruce Willis and Vin Diesel can pull off the bald look, then there is no reason why you cannot. Shaving your head is a great way of avoiding the look of male pattern baldness, and if you do go ahead with the razor, or scalp micropigmentation (SMP), make sure you follow these steps to maintain your scalp.

Don’t Stop Using Shampoo & Conditioner

Just because you have shaved your head or had SMP treatment, it does not mean that grime and oil suddenly stop building up. By not keeping on top of the cleanliness of your scalp, you can end up with flaky skin and white dots all over those dark clothes. So, next time you are in the shower make sure you shampoo and condition; you only need to use a very small amount. By no means use body wash on your scalp, as it will dry your skin out and cause dandruff. Make sure you merely keep it clean and moisturized.

Sun Hat On Please!

Even though you have had SMP or just shaven your head, it does not mean you are protected from the effects of the sun. Remember, you no longer have real hair to offer a small amount of protection from the sun’s rays; you have none. To stop potential sunburn, get yourself a sun hat. If you don’t like wearing hats, then make sure you use sunscreen with a SPF of at least 15.

Moisturize Your Head

With no hydration, you will find your scalp will dry out quickly, turning rough too. It’s as simple as using a skin moisturizer and putting that on your head. Don’t forget, during winter the air becomes dryer than normal, so drink plenty of water too, so that you maintain hydration.

Keep Shaving

You will need to maintain your shaving ritual if you want to embrace the bald look. How often will depend entirely on how quickly your remaining hair grows back, and how dark your scalp is. If you had SMP treatment, then you probably will not have to shave quite so often, but your head will still need to be maintained to keep a sharp look.

  • Make sure you get a proper shaver and try to steer clear of disposable blades that aren’t as good (and end up as landfill)
  • A good shaving cream or soap (not out of a canister) will set your hair up, while a badger brush will gently lift the hair follicles, making your shaving experience smoother and sharper.
  • Moisturize after your shave, so it becomes part of your routine

If you feel that the completely bald look is not for you, then you can discuss scalp micropigmentation with an expert. Nowadays there is advanced hair loss treatment to treat any bald areas on your scalp, with SMP being a popular one. This pioneering artificial technique offers a natural hairline to people suffering from balding areas. You can contact us for a free no obligation consultation.

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