How To Make Sure Your SMP Results Do Not Look “Painted”

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How To Make Sure Your SMP Results Do Not Look “Painted”

If you are losing hair and it is starting to become an issue for you, then you should look into scalp micropigmentation (SMP). This is the process of having tiny pigments deposited onto your scalp to make you look like you are sporting a shaven head and not a bald one.

You need to choose your technician carefully as some SMP results can have the unfortunate effect of looking ‘painted.’ This is the number one worry for men when contemplating treatment, with many worried they will end up with a crash helmet look.

This is down to poor practice by their chosen technician, so make sure that when you speak to a consultant you lay down a plan that will work while leaving you confident with the results.

What To Do For Best Results

Firstly, you should know SMP is not a quick fix and to achieve the correct resultsĀ  you will most probably need to have multiple sessions. However, this does not mean that you have to fulfill your quota as with proper advice and due care you can cut short these sessions at any time.

This allows your new look to slowly build up over time which may result in you being happy with your SMP results so that no further sessions are required. Or you may wish to return to add some more color and density on your hair.

As you progress through the sessions you are always in control of the end results and as soon as you are happy you can halt your SMP treatment.

Blending And Shades

For you to achieve the best possible results with scalp pigmentation, it is key that both your blending and shade choices work for you. If you go too dark the treated area will make your color look unusual as it contrasts with your natural hair; thus your look will stand out.

Blending is essential as you don’t want to have gaps and seams showing where your natural hair stops. Therefore the color being applied in these areas needs to be a slightly variant of your natural hair color and applied less densely. If not, you may well get the dreaded ‘helmet’ look.

Don’t Cover Your Entire Scalp

This is very important. Many men, when they have SMP treatment, see the initial results and believe the more pigment that is applied, the more natural their look will be. Remember there is only so much bare skin that needs pigment treatment and the more you return for work on your scalp the denser the follicle replications become, giving you that solid painted look.

By retaining some of the hair free areas with your natural hair your SMP treatment makes the process look more realistic. This is why we understand that some clients wish to continue to achieve the best results and is the main reason why our highly-trained specialists will sit down and discuss your options right from the start.

As the sessions progress, our technician will communicate with you when they feel maximum results have been achieved with SMP, so you avoid that painted look.

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