Male Pattern Baldness

Eventually, most men (Caucasians in particular) will end up bald. By age 70, almost 60% of them have begun losing their hair. The physical effects of baldness are obvious but what about the psychological side effects? Many men will go to extreme lengths in order to hide or try to correct the fact that they’re losing their hair. Are there any reasonable treatments out there that will not break the bank, and look presentable? In a word – yes. The good people at Jonathan Gerow SMP offer affordable options for those suffering from male pattern baldness.

What is Male Pattern Baldness?

Also referred to as androgenetic alopecia, male pattern hair loss, or male pattern baldness, happens to every male member of society eventually – just to varying degrees. Some hair loss will be imperceivable, whereas other men will lose most or all of their hair. This is a progressive condition in which the hairline gradually recedes. Thinning usually begins at the front hairline and top, eventually leading to hair thinning at the crown as well. Frequently, men end up with the all too familiar horseshoe pattern of remaining hair.

Thanks to your dad or your grandfather, you may be more prone to male pattern baldness as it can be passed down through the family genes. Additionally, testosterone has a lot to do with whether or not a man will go bald and, again, it can be to varying degrees and progress through or stop at various stages. Oddly enough, however, the effect of changing testosterone levels in the body (as it applies to hair loss) only affects the hair on your head.

Why Use Scalp Micropigmentation to Treat Male Pattern Baldness?

SMP, or scalp micropigmentation, can camouflage the effects of male pattern baldness or alopecia. Because of the manner in which it is applied, even if your hair begins to thin further than it has thus far, the procedure can cover your entire scalp, thereby heading off anticipated hair loss with an already treated scalp.

The Affordable SMP Specialist to Combat Male Pattern Baldness

There are any number of treatments on the market that profess themselves to be the solution to male pattern baldness. We can’t caution you are enough to be very wary of some of those treatments. Because we care about you, we want to warn you that some of the side effects of even the most popular male pattern baldness treatments can have temporary to permanent side effects – Not the least of which is taking you to the poor house with their exorbitant charges or need repeated treatments.

At Jonathan Gerow SMP, we offer safe, minimally invasive scalp micropigmentation at affordable rates delivered by a caring, competent staff. We use only the most cutting-edge procedures, technology, and tools to treat your male pattern baldness.

Permanent and amazing results can be realized after an initial evaluation and eventually treatment through Jonathan Gerow SMP. Your personal evaluation will determine the course of treatment that is made specifically to fit you like a glove. Treatments can begin shortly thereafter and you will be on your way to regaining the confidence and bravado that you felt before hair loss took its toll, changing your life. Feel free to call today and book an appointment!