Popular Opinion: Bald Men = Best Boyfriends

bald men = best boyfriends

Popular Opinion: Bald Men = Best Boyfriends

Today, it is difficult to disagree that our physical appearance matters a fair bit in our modern society. Whether you are a male or female, our appearance can determine, to some extent, how socially successful we will be in general, who we marry, the people we associate with, and even the shape of our career.

With that in mind, it is common for men with hair to want to retain their locks than become completely bald. However, large numbers of males don’t mind becoming bald (when the time comes) because they agree that it is sexy.

Oh, and it’s true. Bald men enjoy an array of social advantages, including being recognized as the group of guys who will be the best boyfriends to their significant other!

Why Bald Men = Best Boyfriends?

Well, we didn’t say this but a whole lot of people at social media sites such as Buzzfeed, Tango, and the Date Report have collectively pointed this out. Here is a list of reasons that support the popular opinion:

  • Bald men don’t need to wear silly-looking haircuts or colorants to look good
  • The fact that all bald men are sexy is scientifically proven
  • Baldness looks classic and goes well with everything
  • Bald men are the kings of hats as they can wear anything they want without getting hat-hair
  • Bald men exude natural beauty as they are already confident with the features that they have been blessed with
  • Bald men are naturally more sympathetic towards others who are feeling self-conscious. THey have clearly been through the trauma of losing their own hair
  • Bald men require minimal bathroom space as they do not need any fancy hair care and styling products
  • Bald men are warriors by nature and their fighting spirit is second to none
  • Bald men are seen as the alphas of their pack, smart, and just plain sexy

Still Not Convinced that It’s OK to be Bald?

Having doubts about baldness is fine; maybe your hairline is receding, or perhaps your hair is already thinning out. Whatever the issue if you are still worried about becoming fully bald, then you can consider a treatment such as scalp micropigmentation or SMP. This is a non-invasive procedure and any pain experienced during the process is bearable.

SMP provides men with a realistic looking appearance of hair growth – the look of shaven hair. To put it more accurately, the results of SMP look similar to someone having a newly shaved head, with hair follicles visible on the scalp. This treatment is growing in demand and if you are interested to know more about it, feel free to speak to a hair loss treatment specialist to determine whether SMP is the right solution for you to tackle your concerns about balding and hair loss.

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