Scalp Micropigmentation For Men

Scalp Micropigmentation

Scalp Micro Pigmentation Procedure for Men

At JONATHAN GEROW SMP, we provide our clients with a quick and convenient consulting process! Our SMP procedure is designed to fulfil your specific needs and revamp your overall look and appearance. Right from briefing you about the entire treatment procedure to offering a cozy and relaxed environment.

we ensure that you get the desired attention and right treatment!

Men who crave for a specific hairline style or even the ones who’re searching for a desired effect or shape in terms of hair styling can safely rely on Jonathan’s propitiatory techniques and advanced and efficient SMP treatment. Post the treatment men will acquire a shaved head appearance with short hairs visible through it. During the consultation procedure, Jonathan will discuss the desire hair style alongside color, density and overall appearance to ensure that the client gets exactly what he’s looking for!.

Types of SMP Procedures and Options

Clients can opt for different types of SMP procedures and options, depending upon your preference and needs. Following are some of the treatment options available for people suffering from hair thinning or hair loss problems:

This procedure is highly recommended for people who want their existing hairline lowered, giving it a fuller hair look and appearance. Jonathan uses appropriate methods and tools for layering the SMP impressions, thereby giving a natural hair illusion with absolutely no hard line. He also ensures that the hair colour complements your overall appearance.
This particular procedure has been popular among men, women and children as it helps in filling in hair in areas affected by baldness or hair loss. Jonathan uses the SMP procedure for replacing the lost volume, thereby providing the client with full hair look. He begins by treating the front hairline and adds density to the same to provide a natural and full look. The treatment will be very soft and gentle and add density to the remaining area where you may be experiencing thinning issues. This procedure is also an excellent option for individuals who’ve undergone hair transplant and failed to achieve the desired appearance and volume.
Another great procedure available for individuals suffering from thinning, balding or hair loss problems is the “Edge Up” technique. Jonathan initiates this procedure conservatively and later creates the hairline as well as a side temple area. He also ensures that the hair colour and volume matches your overall look. Depending upon your requirements, you can opt for different edge up styling. Some of these styles are also popular among celebrities as it helps them in finding a permanent solution to their ever receding hairline.
Men suffering from baldness problems can opt for other treatments and procedures too. For instance, transplant is a common hair restoration procedure. However, it is very expensive and also leaves behind scars. On the other hand, the Hair Club procedure is also available for covering male pattern baldness. Like transplant, hair transplant is costly too and requires long-term maintenance and care.

At JONATHAN GEROW SMP we have the best, advanced and the most cost-effective hair restoration treatments and procedures available for you! Feel free to contact us for smooth and natural looking hair!