SMP for Hair Transplant Cases

Scalp Micropigmentation

SMP for Hair Transplant Cases

Did you undergo a hair transplant surgery recently? Has it left scars behind, leaving you totally dissatisfied and dejected? Simply get in touch with us at!

We have the perfect solution for such cases! Right from covering the affected areas and scars to providing you with the illusion of a full hair look, we add the desired volume to give you the much sought-after appearance and feel.

Globally Renowned SMP Specialist

The SMP procedure is ideal for individuals dealing with FUT Strip scars, scalp reduction scars, Follicular Unit Extraction scars as well as Cobblestone or Historic Plug scars developed as a result of the traditional hair restoration techniques. The technique is transparent, effective and does not require long-term maintenance.

As a globally renowned SMP specialist, Jonathan Gerow knows exactly what his clients expect from him. He provides them with the perfect alternative to wigs and concealers. Whether you need to get rid of baldness or camouflage your scars or even add volume to your hair, Jonathan can provide you with the ideal treatment and solution!

Covering Scars Post Hair Transplant

Many of our clients approach us after a series of failed hair transplant surgeries. Most of them develop scars and plug holes, which makes matters worse for them. At, we aid and assist them by covering all the scars and affected areas and offering guaranteed results.

Our proven methods and techniques help you in maintaining long hair and camouflaging the scars beautifully. Additionally, we also shave the hair to blend it nicely into your hair follicles and covering the scars easily. This procedure requires a minimum of two to three sessions before one can achieve the desired results.

SMP & Hair Transplant Treatment

At, we also combine the SMP & hair transplant procedure to provide highly effective and desired results. This enables our clients to achieve texturized and natural looking hair, thereby providing them with thick & full hair look. However, before opting for this procedure it is recommended that clients consult us and discuss the type of look or results that they expect from us.