SMP Reparations

Not all SMP practitioners and SMP clinics are created equally. So if you have been the victim of a less than satisfactory scalp micropigmentation procedure, you may need to seek out SMP reparations. It takes a long time to become a truly talented and skilled specialist in this field. But those are the only types of individuals that we have on staff here at Jonathan Gerow SMP. Our facilities are clean, you’ll be treated with the utmost professionalism, your sessions will be private and comfortable, and you will receive care comprised of only the most cutting edge procedures, technologies, and tools during your treatment.

What are SMP Reparations?

Occasionally you will run across an SMP practitioner that just doesn’t measure up. Because one of these procedures is only as good as the technician performing the procedure, results of a visit to one of these operators can leave you with results that are less than desirable. When that happens, you may end up needing scalp micro-pigmentation reparations in order to look your best. Fortunately, we have caring individuals ready and waiting to assist you in this endeavor.

It could be that the chosen pigment used was incorrect. Possibly it was applied with incorrect spacing or at an incorrect depth. Whatever the case, what was supposed to be natural looking camouflage for hair loss has now become a walking advertisement for faulty workmanship.

Why Use Scalp Micropigmentation for SMP Reparations?

Because of the cutting-edge procedures, technologies, and tools used here and our skilled, caring staff, we can take your frown and turn it upside down by fixing a bad situation so that you can look natural and feel more like yourself again. If we can hide scarring left behind by surgeries and bad hair transplants we can certainly repair a botched or inferior SMP procedure.

You were already stressed out by the fact that your hair was thinning or that you were balding. Now you have to be additionally stressed out because you received a poor-quality SMP procedure. We’re here to help make it all better so that you can restore your desired hair density and appearance with ease.

The Affordable SMP Specialist for SMP Reparations

Not only does Jonathan Gerow SMP offer your best shot at properly executed SMP reparations, we offer the highest quality at the most affordable price. This is not a salon with a makeup specialist or a tattoo artist with permanent ink that think they can provide scalp micro-pigmentation like the pros. This is where the pros reside and with these prices and individualized treatment, there is no other place you would rather be than in our capable hands.

Don’t leave such a precise and highly delicate procedure like scalp micropigmentation to anyone but a highly skilled professional. But, if you have already received a procedure that left you wanting, or fighting mad, let us help you through that crisis situation and put you back on the road to normalcy.  Call us today to set up your own private consultation.