SMP Results Aren’t Necessarily Better With Smaller Needles

SMP results

SMP Results Aren’t Necessarily Better With Smaller Needles

With scalp micropigmentation fast becoming the go-to cosmetic treatment for hair loss, it is easy to understand why when you look at SMP results. More often than not, the illusion of real hair means your family and friends cannot tell SMP from the real thing. However, with little regulation, it is important that you speak to accredited technicians to have years of experience and are not following the latest fads that will disappear. One such fad is the claim that you can get a higher quality finish with smaller needles. The needles that we use deliver a precise amount of pigment, at the exact depth, to create a lifelike effect that is coupled with the technician’s experience. So why are smaller needles not really producing better results that some people claim them to?

The Size Of A Hair Follicle

Believe it or not, there is a difference in the size of hair follicles across different ethnicities. The size of an African’s follicle is between 110 and 230 micrometers, an Asian is just under 70 micrometers while a Caucasian’s hair follicle sits at around 80. However, when seen from a distance the human eye cannot distinguish this difference, so smaller needles providing smaller pigments will not make any visual difference, unless you were staring at your friend’s scalp, inches away.

How SMP Takes On A Follicles Identity

Post treatment of SMP a recreated follicle can measure anything up to 250 micrometers in size, then scabs set in to heal the wound, to finally come off to show a smaller dot on the scalp. Your immune system will work away to heal the area, thus dropping the size down to between 100 and 150 micrometers. Yes, they are larger than the original follicles, but as we said, the difference is negligible to the naked eye, even if you stare, close up.

Are Smaller Needles An Option?

It is still an option, though industry experts believe it is unwarranted. The smaller needle could generate a dot up to 30 micrometers in size, and its appearance on the skin would only be noticed when you stand a few feet away from a client. It will look excellent close-up, but from a distance, the illusion would be negated. Once the immune system kicked in, the dot would further shrink in size and within time, you would have to return to the clinic for a touch up. Otherwise, you are left with a gray sheen over your scalp. While a normal pigment dot can survive the actions of your body’s immune system, the new wave of smaller dots would not. After years of trial and error the industry has settled on the current size, as it works. So, if claims that it uses smaller needles to produce better results, you should be wary.

If you are worried about your hair loss and are looking for advanced hair loss treatment solutions to treat your bald areas on your scalp, you should consider Scalp Micro Pigmentation for your needs. Contact us for more information today!

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