There’s A Club In Japan That Celebrate Baldness

Japan club that celebrate baldness

There’s A Club In Japan That Celebrate Baldness

For many men, male pattern baldness is understandably frustrating and humiliating to deal with. Some search relentlessly and spend tremendous amounts of money on cures, many of which are little more than quackery. However some, such as the Japanese, do not worry about it, and in fact celebrate baldness. They’ve even established a club around the concept.

The Japanese “Bald” Club of Tsuruta City

This club is not a large one, with little more than 60 members. They are a dedicated group however, and come together annually to compete in games and other competitions which are designed to raise awareness. The men in the club have stated they have greater confidence now that they’ve accepted their baldness and even embraced it. It is an admirable way of looking at baldness in a positive manner and many other gentlemen around the world are recognizing the advantages of going bald. Some research indicates that such men have greater confidence and are found more attractive by the opposite sex.

Other Men Are Less Accepting

It is one thing to become bald by choice, especially when you have the option of growing your hair back normally. But for those men who can’t, baldness is anything but acceptable. And rather than embracing it, as the Japanese men of Tsuruta City have done, they instead look for ways of combating it. One way of doing this is through SMP, or scalp micro pigmentation. This is an innovative scalp treatment that is the ideal solution for those who aren’t willing to lie down and accept their baldness.

SMP makes use of scalp tattoos that come in the form of miniature pigments that are placed onto the scalp to produce a stunning look that makes it appear as if the hair has simply been shaved off. It is a treatment that lasts for a long period of time, but is not indefinite, so you’ll eventually have to return for more treatment. But when added to your scalp it will appear as if you have hair that has simply been shaved really low. It is an ideal option for those who have lost their hair and want it back, and are not thrilled with being bald.

What You Should Know About SMP

SMP requires a series of sessions, with some men having to do more depending on their scalp and skin and hair color. Most services charge you per session and after a specific number have been completed your scalp will be complete and you won’t have to return for an extended period of time. SMP is the next best thing to an actual cure to baldness, and is an amazing treatment for men who have problems with their scalp. Baldness is a reality for millions of men and the likelihood of developing it increases with age. SMP is arguably one of the most advanced cosmetic solutions to be provided so far.

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