Understanding The Number Of SMP Sessions You Need

SMP sessions

Understanding The Number Of SMP Sessions You Need

SMP, or scalp micro pigmentation, is a revolutionary treatment in which hair loss is effectively managed. It requires multiple SMP sessions in order to be effective, and the amount of time needed for results will depend on multiple factors, including the skin and hair color of the patient and any scar tissue which will need to be repaired.

How Many Sessions Are Normally Required?

For most clients who do not have any scars or skin conditions such as alopecia it will take approximately two to four sessions in order for the treatment to be completed. Many clients are happy with the results after two sessions but if fading occurs they will return for more. Most will require three sessions and a smaller percentage of those with challenging scalps and skin will require at least four.

Why Do Some Men Need More Sessions Than Others?

There are a number of reasons why some men will need more sessions than others. Some men have immune responses which are very active, while others will want a number of adjustments made during the procedure. Some men have scar tissue which disperses and absorbs pigment easily, while in other cases the provider will utilize a pigment which is too light for the client’s skin. There are also cases where the depth of penetration is simply too shallow to be effective, requiring multiple treatments.

Why The Amount Of Sessions You Have Is Important

During a session a layer of specialized dots will be put onto the client’s scalp. An excessive number of sessions can result in a reduction of the definition of individualized dots since the technician will have insufficient space, which means the dots have been positioned in close proximity to one another. This is why skilled providers will prevent clients from having more sessions than are needed.

The majority of services that provide SMP will charge for every session. However, even if there is no fee, you may incur travel and accommodation costs. It may also be necessary to take time away from work, and due to the redness that will be present on your scalp after treatment it will be necessary to give it time to subside.

What About Technicians Who Claim They Can Do Everything In One Session?

Most clinics are not capable of providing quality scalp micro pigmentation within a single session. A number of prominent providers have attempted doing everything in one session, as it would provide them greater profits and benefit their customers who would not have to constantly take time out of their schedule to stop by for treatment.

However, the results of these attempts have found that single session scalp micro pigmentation is simply not reliable. This however does not mean that a single session is impossible, and advances in technology make it very likely that in the near future technicians will be able to provide SMP much more efficiently than is done today.

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