What Causes Baldness?

Baldness can simply be referred to as the loss of hair, either wholly or partly. It is a problem that affects both genders, and is often a source of embarrassment particularly if the individual is young. In the past, baldness was associated with aging, since most naturally bold people tended to be those who were past middle age.

These days, however, there are other factors which can lead to premature baldness in both men and women. When trying to combat baldness, it is usually necessary to first find and remedy the cause of the baldness, and then try various methods to reverse it such as using scalp micropigmentation. There are many things that could cause baldness, but some of the most common ones include:


Premature hair loss in men, termed as male pattern baldness, is the most common cause of baldness and is a genetic condition. It is passed on by both the mother and father to their children. However, this does not mean that a parent who has male pattern baldness will have children who will definitely have the condition. It only increases their chances of getting it. Typically, male pattern baldness manifests as a receding hairline or formation of a patch when one is young, typically in the early to mid-twenties. Fortunately, there are drugs and procedures such as scalp micropigmentation which can be used to treat the condition relatively cheaply.


Aging is one of the most common causes of natural hair loss. As one grows older, their various body systems gradually slow down, and this can manifest in many ways including a reduction in the rate of hair growth or replacement of hair shafts that have been removed from their follicles. Women can also suffer from this problem as well. Research shows that from the age of 30 onwards, the rate of growth and volume of hair gradually decreases. Fortunately, this can also be ameliorated using quality scalp micropigmentation.


Though it’s relatively rare, stress can also result in hair loss. This is particularly so if one experiences intense emotional and/or physical stress for a significant amount of time. This typically results in the release of a wide variety of chemicals and hormones in the body due to the stress. Rather than a slow recession of the hairline, baldness caused by this form of stress is usually sudden and widespread. This can make it alarming to the individual suffering from it.

Even if one chooses scalp micropigmentation to counter this, stress reduction methods such as cognitive behavioral therapy are also advised to ameliorate the problem. Reduction of stress can result in regrowth of some of the hair within six months.

Too much traction on the scalp

Some people (both male and female) prefer hairstyles which involve tugging on the hair too hard. Examples of this include when one has tight braids, tight man buns and cornrows or even harsh treatments. When the hair is subjected to this traction for a long time, it can result in an increased rate of hair being pulled out from their follicles, resulting in gradual loss of hair and ultimately baldness.