Natural Remedies vs. SMP

Feeling less confident or less attractive are common feelings and emotions caused by hair loss. It is common for family members and friends of individuals, who are suffering from hair loss, to recommend various products and natural remedies. However, SMP is proven to be a more effective treatment than natural remedies. Wondering how these two hair loss solutions compare against each other? Find out more:

What are Natural Remedies?

If you perform a quick search online for “hair loss natural remedies,” an extensive list of supplements, creams, tonics, home-made recipes, etc., appears. However, no one knows for sure whether natural remedies can successfully prevent further hair loss or allow hair to grow back.

You see, one needs to discover the underlying causes of hair loss. Let’s say you are seeing more hair in your brush than usual. It is imperative that you determine whether that is caused by menopause, thyroid problems, vitamin deficiencies, hereditary reasons, etc. Now if your hair loss is caused by a medical condition, it may need to be treated by professionals.

Pros and Cons of Natural Remedies


  • Low health risks
  • Not known to cause major damage to scalp appearance


  • Most natural remedy products are costly
  • Most natural remedies are bunk and have little to no benefit
  • Lack consistent reviews of their effectiveness
  • May produce NO results, which is extremely depressing and causes one to feel feelings of hopelessness
  • Choosing a suitable natural remedy route can be time consuming and frustrating

What is SMP?

Also known as scalp micropigmentation, SMP is a fast growing solution for male and female hair loss in the recent decade. As it features a non-invasive procedure, it has universal appeal and produces permanent results. What’s more, it works by replicating the natural appearance of real hair strands and follicles via the safe application of natural pigments to the epidermal level of the scalp.

Pros and Cons of SMP


  • No harsh chemicals are applied to your scalp so it’s very safe
  • Non-invasive and pain-free technique
  • Offers great value for your money
  • When placed by a skilled technician, process doesn’t require a lot of time to complete
  • You can achieve the look of a full head of hair
  • Offers instantaneous results from the first session
  • Offers a quick hair loss fix
  • Requires minimal maintenance


  • You need to keep an eye out for fading
  • You need to do some shaving from time to time
  • You can’t change the hairstyle

The Bottom Line – SMP Is Better Than Natural Remedies

Natural remedies do not have a 100% success rate and there is a lot of trial and error involved. Although SMP is a simple procedure, it offers guaranteed results even after the first session. What’s more, natural remedies may cause you to feel negative emotions when it does not work. Why risk giving up when you can receive realistic results from the get-go? That’s what SMP can offer for you. These are clear indicators that SMP is a better option than relying on natural remedies. Hence, save yourself from potential frustration by opting for SMP to treat your hair loss issues. Interested in starting your SMP journey with us? Don’t hesitate to book an appointment with Jonathan Gerow SMP today.