Nioxin vs. SMP

There are more foams, sprays, pills, and creams that profess effectiveness against balding than one could possibly imagine. And anyone suffering even the mildest form of hair loss is eager to believe their claims. They are easy to purchase, relatively easy to use, and can be done in the privacy of your own home. But are they effective? Are they safe?

Deciding to use a hair loss solution over SMP means, in essence, that you have made the decision to put your faith in luck over skill. Not to short-sell science but putting your fate in the hands of a skilled technician with experience and expertise versus trusting a one-size-fits-all formula that may or may not work in your particular situation and with your individual chemistry… well, let’s do a real comparison and see how everything stacks up.

What is Nioxin?

Nioxin is a hair loss brand product that showed up as early as 1987. In 2008, however, Procter & Gamble purchased, tweaked it and launched it claiming that it contained the one ingredient that had been proven clinically to effectively regrow hair. That ingredient is minoxidil, and it’s FDA approved. Their new and improved product is not to be confused with their prior product which simply gave whatever hair you still had the appearance of being fuller and thicker. This product claims to actually restore hair, though real information is a little dicey. There are conflicting reports of their actual claim to fame on the Internet.

Pros and Cons of Nioxin


  • You can stop treatment at any time
  • Application can be done in the privacy of your own home
  • Product claims to be effective on both women and men


  • You must continue applications to maintain results
  • Continued applications mean continued cost
  • Requires storage space and can be messy
  • Because this is a one-size-fits-all formula, it is not appropriate for everyone
  • Side effects such as burning, skin irritation, and allergic reactions have been reported with some hair loss products in certain individuals
  • You will also need to buy their conditioner and scalp optimizing cleanser (repeatedly), which is an additional cost

What is SMP?

SMP stands for scalp micropigmentation which is an innovative and highly advanced technique that, in a nutshell, adds pigment to your scalp creating an incredibly realistic appearance of extremely short hair. It cannot only fill in thinning hair for a thicker look but redefine hairlines where no hair currently exists. It can be matched to your natural hair color, a hair color that you prefer, or your specific hairstyle. This technique should, however, only be carried out by experienced, highly trained technicians using the appropriate levels of ink and the proven technique.

Pros and Cons of SMP


  • No daily applications or attention is required
  • No messy foams, creams, or drippy solutions
  • No chemical enhanced drugs or pills which may have undesirable side effects
  • It is permanent
  • A one-time cost upfront as opposed to multiple purchases and costs
  • Typically, with proper care, can last as long as 15 years in many individuals


  • It is permanent solution and needs laser removal to rectify (if you change your mind)
  • You can’t do this yourself in your bathroom

The Bottom Line – SMP is Better Than Nioxin

SMP clearly gives you immediate results you can actually see and is appropriate for virtually everyone. Hair loss products aren’t appropriate for every scalp, can have side effects, and can in some drastic cases do more harm than good once you discontinue use. And the chances of discontinuing use are great because the daily regime gets to be a bit wearing, let’s face it. Rather than deal with all of the side effects and continuous purchases and applications, why not book an appointment with Jonathan Gerow SMP today and invest in a stellar hair loss permanent solution?