Propecia vs. SMP

Hair is so important to people and that’s why hair loss can cause individuals to experience varying levels of distress. Some individuals have turned to propecia as a solution to their hair loss but recently, SMP has proven to be a worthy contender. Let’s take a look at the benefits of SMP and how these two hair loss solutions compare against each other:

What is Propecia?

Propecia is a common baldness remedy designed to prevent the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone in your body. Used to treat male pattern hair loss on the anterior and the vertex mid-scalp area, propecia tablets are specially designed for use by men only. These products are not suitable for women or children.

Pros and Cons of Propecia


  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Facilitates hair regrowth to some degree
  • May stabilize and prevent further hair loss


  • Increase your risk of developing prostate cancer
  • May cause erectile dysfunction
  • Reduced libido
  • Slight swelling in extremities
  • May causes weakness or dizziness
  • Skin rash
  • Runny nose
  • Headaches

What is SMP?

SMP is the simple but, highly effective process of depositing sterile and fully organic particles into the superficial epidermal layer of your scalp. When you opt for SMP to combat your hair loss, you will experience no pain. The slight discomfort you may experience quickly fades away after your session and you will get to see instantaneous results – the look of a full head of neatly cropped hair. Each microscopic particle of pigment is designed to simulate a follicle that naturally pops out of your scalp. At Jonathan Gerow SMP, our certified technicians have many years of experience placing these pigments so you have nothing to worry about.

Pros and Cons of SMP


  • Great option for scar coverup
  • Covers bald areas with exceptional ease
  • Extremely safe solution
  • Non-invasive technique
  • More affordable than other hair loss solutions
  • Simple procedure and requires little completion time
  • With proper after-care, scalp micropigmentation lasts for many years
  • Perfect option for individuals wanting to go for a cropped look
  • No special maintenance needed


  • Minor fading may occur
  • May need to shave at varying frequencies
  • You mostly have to stick with a shaven hairstyle

The Bottom Line – SMP Is Better Than Propecia

Some individuals claimed that propecia helps regrow their hair but, they often neglect the side effects that come with it, especially for men. Unlike propecia, SMP is a completely safe procedure that does not cause any side effects such as impotence, rashes, headaches, and more. Next, SMP is much more cost-effective than propecia tablets in the long term. One has to keep taking propecia; the hair regrowth effect stops when you stop the consumption of propecia. SMP procedures require little time to complete and only the occasional maintenance. Other than that, no other costs involved. It’s not surprising to see why SMP easily secures the number one spot. To find out how you can further benefit from SMP for your hair loss problem, feel free to contact Jonathan Gerow SMP today.