Pura D’OR vs. SMP

With all of the hair loss prevention and hair growth solutions on the market these days, it’s hard to decide which one is best. And once you decide what to buy, you don’t know if a product that works for your neighbor is going to work for you. As many different hairlines, styles, and hair colors as there are in the world – that’s just how many chances there are for adverse reactions and various levels of results (if any). On the other hand, SMP (scalp micropigmentation) has immediate, proven results that are safe and long-lasting. Below you will find a comparison between Pura D’OR and SMP so that you can see for yourself the pros, the cons, and what each one is all about.

What is Pura D’OR?

Pura D’OR professes to be an innovator in the therapy of natural hair loss prevention. Their ingredients consist of bioactive organic and natural functional formulations. We are talking about shampoos and conditioners designed to prevent hair loss here, not an application that promotes hair growth. The product offers your hair everything it needs in order to thrive. Keep in mind however that “prevents hair loss” is not the same as “makes hair grow”. If that is specifically what you’re looking for, this may not be the right product for you.

Pros and Cons of Pura D’OR


  • Promotes healthy hair and is said to increase volume
  • Reportedly prevents hair loss due to thinning and breakage
  • It encourages a healthy scalp
  • Will not leave your hair greasy like some other treatments


  • It could take eight weeks or more before you might see results
  • Even though there are many varieties of shampoos and conditioners, they may not be right for you
  • You will need to buy their products repeatedly, which is a constantly recurring cost
  • May not be effective on men in the latter stages of baldness
  • There have been reports of pumps (dispensers) breaking after a few uses

What is SMP?

Scalp micropigmentation, or SMP, is a highly advanced and innovative approach to a solution for thinning hair and baldness. By adding pigment to your scalp, it creates an amazingly realistic appearance of hair that has been cut very short. It fills in areas of thinning hair and makes them look thicker. It redefines hairlines even if no hairline exists currently. It can be matched to your natural hair color or you can pick any hair color that you prefer. The experts that apply this treatment can match any hairstyle you choose. Keep in mind when choosing this technique that it needs to be carried out by highly trained, experienced technicians.

Pros and Cons of SMP


  • You don’t have to remember to use the product every day
  • Aside from proper care, there are no messy products to buy or deal with
  • Side effects resulting from harmful chemicals are never a worry
  • There is no need for multiple purchases; this is a one-shot, permanent solution to hair loss
  • With proper care, SMP usually lasts as long as 15 years in many individuals
  • Can address hair loss issues effectively


  • Because this is permanent, it is not an easily reversible process
  • You have to stick to a conservative hairline
  • This is not something that you can do in the privacy of your own home or by yourself

The Bottom Line – SMP is Better Than Pura D’OR

SMP, because it is appropriate for all individuals, is the clear winner here. Not only does it give you results that you can immediately see, but there is no need for repeated product purchases and usage. Rather than deal with continuous applications, usages, and purchases – or any harmful side effects that could occur from chemicals – why not give Jonathan Gerow SMP a call and set up your personal evaluation?