Slit Grafting vs. SMP

The loss of one’s hairline can change his or her appearance substantially, e.g., an aged appearance. To mitigate the negative effects of hair loss, some people have chosen to opt for slit grafting. Today, SMP offers better benefits than slit grafting. Check out how these two hair loss solutions compare against each other:

What is Slit Grafting?

Slit grafting is recognized as a hair transplantation technique. Compared to traditional punch grafting, the slit grafting procedure uses larger numbers of smaller grafts. In this procedure, no tissue needs to be removed from the patient. As the vascular supply of the hair follicles is conserved, there is an increase in graft yield. Individuals who wish to eliminate the stalking and clumping effect that’s often associated with traditional round grafting opt for slit grafting.

Pros and Cons of Slit Grafting


  • Provides the illusion of greater hair density
  • Allows surrounding hairs to layer over each and create a shingling effect


  • May require several surgical sessions
  • Takes months to heal after procedure
  • May need to wait for about two years to see final result

What is SMP?

Scalp micropigmentation (SMP) is currently the ultimate solution for male and female hair loss. If you are tired of losing your hair and want to do something about it, SMP is the answer you have been looking for. With the availability of SMP, you never have to go through a lifetime of worry that comes with the usage of concealers, expensive hair systems or hair restoration surgeries? Achieving a stylish, modern look has never been so easy by opting for the SMP method! By allowing your scalp to receive microscopic and organic pigments, you will be to achieve the look of a full head of hair in no time.

Pros and Cons of SMP


  • Realistic and instantaneous results
  • Great options if you want to go for a simple look
  • Does not require heavy maintenance
  • More affordable in the long term
  • Safe solution as it does not use any harmful chemicals
  • Painless and non-invasive technique
  • Simple procedure with fast healing times
  • With proper after-care, scalp micropigmentation can last for many years


  • You may need to go for a conservative hairline
  • Generally used to achieve the look of a short buzz cut

The Bottom Line – SMP Is Better Than Slit Grafting

If volume is not a major problem for you, then slit grafting would not be a suitable option for your needs. You may want to cover up areas of the scalp that are easily seen due to skin disease, scarring, or thinning hair – SMP is what you need. Next, there is no guarantee that slit grafting lasts for years. SMP is a permanent solution to hair loss problems and that’s why this technique is so well-received by many individuals. All in all, it’s clear that SMP is a better option than slit grafting. If you have further enquiries about SMP and how it can solve your hair loss problems, don’t hesitate to contact Jonathan Gerow SMP today.