Wild Growth Hair Oil vs. SMP

The American Hair Loss Association tells us that by the time an American man is 35 years of age, two-thirds of them are going through some “appreciable” degree of considerable hair loss. Once they turn 50, “appreciable” changes to “significant” and that two-thirds miraculously changes to 85% of American men. And don’t think that women have it much better because they don’t. Within the United States, all hair loss sufferers combined are made up of 40% women. So why are so many of the anti-balding and hair growth formulas on the market for men?

Some anti-balding or hair growth formulas contain minoxidil. And minoxidil is not a friend to the female persuasion. The warning labels on any of these formulas are enough to stagger the imagination but in women, the use of minoxidil is a ticking time bomb of side effects. All of that said, let’s take a look at a comparison between a process called scalp micropigmentation and one of the leading hair loss formulas used to combat balding and thinning hair – Wild Growth Hair Oil.

What is Wild Growth Hair Oil?

Although reportedly less expensive than many other hair growth formulas on the market, there are conditioners, special shampoos, and vitamins that need to be purchased in order to correctly execute this method of hair loss prevention and hair growth.

Pros and Cons of Wild Growth Hair Oil


  • You can stop treatment at any point in time
  • Application can be done in the privacy of your own home
  • Is apparently appropriate for both men and women
  • The listed ingredients appear to be all-natural


  • In order to maintain results, you must continue application
  • Continually buying the product means that you will be paying for it forever
  • Can leave your hair feeling oily and may take more than one shampooing to get out
  • Application is several times a week
  • It’s thick and smells bad

What is SMP?

SMP is the abbreviated way to say scalp micropigmentation. This technique, when carried out by highly trained, experienced technicians is a highly advanced, innovative procedure that adds pigment to your scalp creating a look of shortly cut hair. It is appropriate for completely bald individuals or can be used to fill in thinning hair for a thicker look. It can be matched to your natural hair color and your specific hairstyle. You can even pick a color other than your natural color.

Pros and Cons of SMP


  • With proper application and care, this will last as much as 15 years for most individuals
  • No need for multiple purchases and costs
  • No chemicals, pills, prescriptions, or undesirable side effects
  • No messy creams or foams or stinky solutions
  • No greasy residue
  • Permanent solution


  • This process is not easily reversible
  • Not a do-it-yourself remedy

The Bottom Line – SMP is Better Than Wild Growth Hair Oil

Though Wild Hair Growth Oil did receive relatively decent reviews online, it entails a process that must be repeatedly executed, is oily, smelly, and will incur repeated costs for as long as you desire the results – should you actually achieve results. Remember, none of the formulas on the market are appropriate for every single individual. On the other hand, SMP works for men and women of all ages – everyone can benefit from this procedure and will see immediate results. Find out for yourself today just how quick and easy the best solution to hair loss can be!